What is ClubCard?
ClubCard is our variant of a operator/VIP rank. On this page do we explain which functions there are included with the rank.

What do you get when you buy a ClubCard rank?

  • ClubCard pass in the server
  • Fly permission
  • Operating attractions
  • Extra Discord channels for ClubCard passholders
  • And more...

Other benefits of ClubCard:

  • Backstage tours
  • Discount in shops in the park
  • Extra coins in the server
  •  And more...

How much does ClubCard cost?

  • 1 month: €4,45
  • 2 months: €6,95
  • 3 months: €10,95
  • 6 months: €14,95
  • 1 year: €19,95
  • Unlimited: €34,95
* Pay attention! These prices can always change, for the correct prices take a look on the webshop page!

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