Why multiple parks?
Onze server heet McThemeParks omdat we graag een aantal parken willen bouwen binnen de crew. We zijn begonnen met Phantasialand. En de volgende ideeën van parken liggen zeker al op de plank! En wees gerust, als we klaar zijn met een park, zullen we er niet niks meer aan doen 😉


Phantasialand is an amusement park in Brühl, Germany. The park is among the top 15 most visited parks in Europe. You can find yourself in this park in 6 different theme areas with attractions for all ages. Ride through the cliffs with Taron in Mystery, become a real mouse hunter in the Berlin themed area at Maus Au Chocolat, discover the mysterious culture of China, go on an expedition through Mexico in Chiapas, make your way through the African landscape in Black Mamba or get to know the Wuze people and unwind in the relaxing nature of Fantasy. With 8 rollercoasters, 2 water attractions, countless flat rides and 3 themed hotels, this park is not to be missed! Discover soon the mysterious Rookburgh with the first and fastest flying launch coaster in the world, F.L.Y. and the new themed hotel Charles Lindbergh.

Park status
How far is the park? 58%