What is Phantasialand?
Phantasialand is an amusement park in Brühl, Germany. The park is among the top 15 most visited parks in Europe. You can find yourself in this park in 6 different theme areas with attractions for all ages. Ride through the cliffs with Taron in Mystery, become a real mouse hunter in the Berlin themed area at Maus Au Chocolat, discover the mysterious culture of China, go on an expedition through Mexico in Chiapas, make your way through the African landscape in Black Mamba or get to know the Wuze people and unwind in the relaxing nature of Fantasy. With 8 rollercoasters, 2 water attractions, countless flat rides and 3 themed hotels, this park is not to be missed! Discover soon the mysterious Rookburgh with the first and fastest flying launch coaster in the world, F.L.Y. and the new themed hotel Charles Lindbergh.

Attractions in Berlin:


Bolles Flugschule

Who wouldn't want to be a real pilot? At Bolles Flugschule, we explore the skies like a true pioneer!


Bolles Riesenrad

A Ferris wheel on a child's scale. In the gondolas of this Ferris wheel, children grow taller than their parents!


Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff

The world upside down in Berlin! Take a unique and exciting tour through the hotel with 27 rooms spread over 3 floors!



Discover soon the world's first & fastest launched flying coaster F.L.Y.

Maus au Chocolat

In the middle of Berlin, the knead is high, because mice are walking around in the cake factory! So... Grab your cream bag, set, go!



A classic. Take a seat on one of the wooden horses and feel like a child again on this nostalgic merry-go-round.



Fly high above the tops of the trees, where air and water join forces for a phantastic ride!

Berlin status
Finished 95%

Attractions in China Town / Deep in Africa:

Feng Ju Palace

Good and evil fight against each other in this palace. Everything is literally turned upside down here! Happy marriage!

Geister Rikscha

Experience the dark side of Chinese mythology in our classic Geisterbahn.

Black Mamba

The queen of snakes sleeps in the heart of Africa. She is lightning fast and drags you upside down through the jungle.

China Town / Deep in Africa status
Finished 40%

Attractions in Fantasy:


Crazy Bats

Drie maffe vleermuizen proberen jou te bevrijden uit een ijsblok terwijl datzelfde ijsblok een op hol geslagen tocht door een groots kasteel maakt.​

Der lustige Papagei

With this funny parrot you are in the clouds near the enchanting birds. This ride is a lot of fun!

Die fröhliche Bienchenjagd

The frogs in the Wuzedal are hunting for bees and you can jump along on the back of the frogs!

Hollywood Tour

Hollywood Tour

Bij deze rondvaart ontdek je bekende scenes uit Hollywood vanuit een heel ander perspectief.​



Here you can discover the playful fountains, corridors and holes of Octowuzy! Prepare for a lot of splashing fun, especially for the little ones!

Tittle Tattle Tree

Float up and down and have a talk with each other as the Winja's swing around you.


Get on a patrol boat of the Water Wuze that will take you to the old observatory! Don't forget to keep the memorial stones clean!

Winja’s Fear & Force

You can choose: do you show courage or do you show strength? Either way, you will follow in the footsteps of a real Wuzewarrior!

Wirtl’s Taubenturm

Pull you and your companion to the top where the pigeons have made their nest and then let go of the rope!

Wolke’s Luftpost

The Wuze are quite behind with the mail delivery! Pedal as hard as you can and get the airmail delivered safely!

Wözl’s Wassertreter

Take a relaxing trip with the Wuze on the Mondsee in a real water bird-catamaran.


Würmling Express

Help the Wuze feed birds and enjoy the peace and the view during a monorail trip along the edge of the Mondsee.

Fantasy status
Finished 75%

Attractions in Mexico:


The steepest log flume in the world! Board an expedition boat and sail past the archaeological excavations in Mexico.

Colorado Adventure

The Colorado Mountains hold many secrets. Rush through gorges and abandoned mines and get caught in the gold rush!


Are you ready for the battle of the elements? Fire spewers, water fountains & fog banks confuse your senses.


In the middle of the Colorado mountains are two mini-free fall towers that ensure guaranteed jitters in your stomach.

Mexico status
Finished 65%

Attractions in Mystery:


Mystery Castle

Get to know the evil that lies in the pitch black. Can you help Von Windhoven break the curse?


Move forwards and backwards through time in Raik, balancing the forces present in Klugheim.

River Quest

Let yourself be taken aboard a bat boat along the sinister ruins of an old castle. Three floors of water fun guaranteed!


Fearlessly you ride on the back of Taron, just past basalt rock, straight through Klugheim.

Mystery status
Finished 55%