What is the smartwatch?
During your visit to our park you can use your smartwatch. With your smartwatch you make your visit even easier and more fun!

What can you find in your smartwatch?

  • Attractions list
    On the attraction list you can see which attractions there are and which ones are open / closed.
  • Achievements
    In our server you can find achievements, they are listed here per area!
  • Audioserver
    Via the menu, you can get a link to connect with the audioserver!
  • Shop-items
    Bought items in one of our shops? Here you can find your bought items to use them!
  • ClubCard Menu
    Do you have a ClubCard rank? Here are handy warps & sites for your rank!
  • Show times
    An overview of the shows you can view in our park and their times.
  • Rules
    An overview of the rules can be found here!
  • Language Menu
    Here you can change your language to Dutch, English or German!
achievements are already hidden in our map!