From past to present
During the construction process of our parks, we took photos to show the history of our park on our site.
See what updates are happening in the park here and see the older versions of the areas / attractions that you can visit now!

Vuurwerkshow - 29-01-2021

Op de Kaiserplatz in Berlin bevind zich de vuurwerkshow af vol met projecties, en andere special effects. Hier worden de projecties uitgewerkt zodat er straks een prachtige show komt!


Hotel Matamba - 04-12-2020

Matamba is het hotel dat ligt in het themagebied Deep in Africa. Dit sluit aan aan het eerder gebouwde gebied: Mexico. Vanuit sommige kamers heb je uitzicht op Colorado Adventure.

Hotel Ling Bao - 17-11-2020

Na het hele complex, het themagebied en de omgeving is nu ook de ingang van hotel Ling Bao gebouwd. Vanuit hier kun je vanaf de parkeerplaats het hotel bezoeken voor een overnachting.

Rookburgh - 02-11-2020

Rookburgh is het nieuwste gebied van Phantasialand. Na een bezoekje van meerdere crewleden kregen zij meteen zin om de eerste stenen neer te leggen van dit gloednieuwe gebied.

Wakobato - 12-10-2020

Vanuit het prachtige Berlin kan je in 1 rechte lijn doorlopen naar het vol natuur geplante Wakobato-gebied. Hier kun je rustig bijkomen van een leuke dag in het park.

Colorado Adventure - 18-09-2020

Deze hoek van Mexico, aansluitend op Deep in Africa, is onder andere een doorgang naar Chiapas en bied een mooi uitzicht op een razend langskomend Colorado Adventure.

China Town - 04-08-2020

Vandaag zijn de laatste blokjes neergezet voor het themagebied China Town, op deze foto zie je een mooi overzicht over het plein wat aansluit op de ingang & themagebied Mystery.

Chiapas - 14-07-2020

Zoals je op deze foto kunt zien is crewlid Lars bezig met de heuvel van Chiapas, deze heuvel brengt je tot de laatste splash van deze attractie.

Chiapas - 23-06-2020

Chiapas - DIE Wasserbahn is the logflume of the park. With a drop of 53° it is one of the steepest logflumes there is! As you can see, the track is measured out and building can begin!

Ling Bao - 15-06-2020

The hotel in the Chinese area is beginning to take shape. The walls are stamped out of the ground and work has started on the Chinese gardens.

Wakobato - 10-06-2020

Wakobato has been built further. As you can see, nature has been placed, the station has been built, the track has been further developed and the islands have been designed.

Colorado Adventure - 30-05-2020

The attraction opened by the one and only Michael Jackson is now starting to get out of the ground! The layout is almost completely ready & the measurements have been prepared so that building & detailing can start!

River Quest - 23-05-2020

In Mystery, the River Quest is starting to take shape. As you can see, one of our builders is working hard on the queue.

Bolles Flugschule - 16-05-2020

The planes for Bolles Flugschule were delivered today and will be mounted soon so that visitors can take a ride in this attraction!

Pferdekarussell - 10-05-2020

In addition to the Riesenrad that works, the horses are now also installed for the most fun rides in the Pferdekarussell! Only 1 attraction to go and off the entrance square of Berlin!

Baumberger Irrgarten - 08-05-2020

Baumberger Irrgarten is the maze in Fantasy, near Wakobato. All corridors, nature and water effects are installed and ready to receive visitors!

China Town overview - 06-05-2020

On this overview you can see how far the status is of the theme areas China Town and Mystery. As you can see, we are working hard on Klugheim, Ling bao and the parking lot of China Town.

Feng Ju Palace - 05-05-2020

Now that most of the Fantasy area has been completed, work is continuing on China Town. Here you see a photo of the main show of Feng Ju Palace. The space is now almost ready to place the benches.

Riesenrad - 02-05-2020

Today the first test drives of the first flatride that started working in our park. As you can see, the whole crew has come together to see how the wheel works.

Hollywood Tour - 30-04-2020

The boats from the Hollywood Tour attraction, in the Fantasy theme area, have been delivered & placed on the track. The first test drives are prepared and the scenes are set on time with the boats.

Mexico - 27-04-2020

In addition to the construction of Mystery & Fantasy, the Mexico area is also being built. Here you can clearly see that there is hard construction on the side of the track of Chiapas.

Wakobato - 22-04-2020

The measurements of Wakobato have been prepared, now the construction of the islands, the station and nature can begin! This so that construction can continue on the Baumberger Irrgarten and the last outdoor area of Fantasy is ready.

Mystery Castle - 28-03-2020

As you can see, the exterior of Mystery Castle, in the Mystery theme area, is completely ready to let Schneck move in to keep his meet & greets there.

Wakobato - 09-03-2020

The lake is being prepared to fill it with sand, soil & water so that the track can be placed to ride Wakobato!

China Town - 27-02-2020

The China Town mainstreet flags have been hung, and the shops are decorated so that you can get the most fun souvenirs and food later!

Klugheim - 15-01-2020

Klugheim is an area full of roller coasters: Taron & Raik. At the moment we are working hard so that these rollercoasters can soon rustle around your ears.


FLY wall - 12-07-2019

The FLY wall seen from Fantasy has been upright today. As you can see, the first steps have been taken so that we can start building Rookburgh later.

Der lustige Papagei - 12-01-2019

While building Der lustige Papagei, we included a speed build so we could give you a look at how we build our attractions. Curious? Check out our YouTube channel for the video!


Temple of the Nighthawk - 14-12-2018

In the middle of Fantasy is the temple of the night hawk. The station of this attraction has been prepared to receive the carts of this dark roller coaster.

Mexico - 14-06-2018

In this photo you can see the status of the square in the theme area Mexico. Here you can clearly see that several things are already being built on.

Mexico - 22-05-2018

Mexico is one of the thematic areas. A number of buildings are lined up along the water of Chiapas. As you can see we have prepared them so that the lake of Chiapas can be filled.

Berlin - 21-05-2018

There is a lot of building going on towards the entrance of Berlin. Work is currently underway on the cottages on the area's entrance square.

Mainstreet Berlin - 14-05-2018

After the Kaiserplatz has been built, we are now working on the Mainstreet that continues to the Berlin entrance. This will also be the first entrance we are going to build.

Mexico - 18-04-2018

The first stones, as you can see, are placed on Mexico. The first buildings are standing up and the rocks are starting to take shape.

Taron - 17-04-2018

In this photo you can clearly see that the station and the track of the rollercoaster Taron in Klugheim are being built. In addition to that, you can also see part of the last bend of Chiapas.

Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff - 06-03-2018

As you can see here, the exterior of Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff has been prepared for the first rooms to be built. If you look closely, you can see that the first rooms have already been built!

Kaiserplatz - 02-03-2018

This photo shows a good overview of the construction status of the Kaiserplatz in Berlin. The Wellenflug takes center stage in this square, which is already waiting in its full glory for the seats to arrive ...

Talocan - 04-02-2018

In addition to building currently on Kaiserplatz, the Talocan attraction is located in the theme area Mexico. As you can see, everything has been measured as well as possible so that the attraction can fit exactly.

Kaiserplatz - 20-01-2018

One of the first photos ever taken of Phantasialand. As you can see the Wellenflug is not there yet, but it is already fully released. You will also see the surroundings of the square take shape.